West Virginia

Department of
Health & Human Resources

Online Services


Adopt a West Virginia Child - Build a family and provide a permanent home for a WV child...more

Adult Behavioral Health Placement Network - Online access for facilities, availability, bed capacity...more

Apply for Child Support Services - Services to help secure support from the parent of a child...more 

Apply for Healthcare Coverage - You can still get 2014 coverage in special cases...more

Become an Adult Care Provider - Inquire about becoming an Adult Family Care provider...more

Become a CASA Volunteer - Advocate for abused/neglected children...more

Become a Foster Parent - Show your interest to become a provider/parent within the Foster Care...more

Become a Special Needs Provider - Serving the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities..more


Child Placement Network Provides online access to DHHR licensed group residential facilities...more

Child Welfare Information Gateway - Connect, share, promote foster care...more

Census for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing - Voluntary  and confidential census of persons...more

Health Professions Recruitment Program
 - Recruit and retain health care providers...more

Immunization Registry (WVSIIS)
 - Allows all individuals to have current immunizations shots...more 

inROADS - evaluates you for eligibility and allows you to apply/review  for benefits offered...more

Order a Birth or Death Certificate - Certificates of vital events such as birth, marriage, death...more

Prevent Child Abuse - Tip sheets, guides, websites, articles, prevention programs...more

Report Changes Online - Food stamps, Medicaid, or child only WVWORKS cases...more

Report Child or Adult Abuse, Neglect, Hazards - Report child or adult abuse, fraud...more

Report Child Care Center Violation - Licensing, broken playground equipment...more

Report Recipient Welfare Fraud - Benefit violations, overpaid funds, misrepresentation...more

Report Healthcare Crimes - Medicaid provider fraud, crimes, neglect or abuse against elderly...more

Search for Child Care Centers - Filter, view or choose all centers...more 

Search for Income Maintenance Manual - Browse current and archived manuals for changes...more

Uniform Forensic Court Order Documents - Forms to download and complete or submit online...more