Centralized Intake for Abuse and Neglect

To make a report of abuse or neglect, follow the automated prompts at:


 What information do I need to provide when calling Centralized Intake?


Demographic information of the victim(s) and household members

Description of the suspected abuse or neglect

Current location of the victim and caregivers

Information about the presence of protective caregivers

Information about the perpetrators access to the victim

Description of general functioning of victim and caregivers

Potential safety threats in the home/family to first responders such as domestic violence,

weapons, vicious animals, dangerous people, etc.


Mandated reporters of child abuse/neglect:


Anyone may report suspected abuse or neglect, including sexual abuse or sexual assault, or observing a child being  subjected to conditions that are likely to result in abuse or neglect. These circumstances should be reported to the Department of Health and Human Resources immediately and not more than 24 hours after suspecting this abuse     or neglect.

However, under WV Code §49-2-803, certain persons are mandated reporters and required to make a report not more than 24 hours after suspecting this abuse or neglect. These persons are:

Any medical, dental or mental health professional

Christian Science practitioner

Religious healer

School teacher and other school personnel

Social service worker

Child care or foster care worker

Emergency medical services personnel

Peace officer or law-enforcement official

Humane officer

Member of the clergy

Circuit court judge

Family court judge

Employee of the Division of Juvenile Services


Youth camp administrator or counselor

Employee, coach or volunteer of an entity that provides organized activities for children

Commercial film or photographic print processor


Mandated reporter trainings can be scheduled for child abuse/neglect. 


Report child abuse/neglect NOW under the following circumstances:


In any case where a mandated reporter believes the child suffered serious physical abuse, the reporter shall immediately make a report to the West Virginia State Police and any law enforcement agency having jurisdiction to investigate the report.

Also, any person over the age of 18 who receives information from a credible witness or observes any sexual abuse or sexual assault of a child, shall immediately and not more than 24 hours report the circumstances to the Department of Health and Human Resources and the West Virginia State Police or other law enforcement agency having jurisdiction to investigate the report.

If the reporter feels making a report of sexual abuse will expose himself or herself, the child, the reporter's children or other children in the subject's household to an increased threat of serious bodily injury, the individual may delay the report while he or she takes measure to remove himself or herself or the affected children from the perceived threat of additional harm.  The individual must make the report as soon as practical after the threat of harm has been reduced. 


Mandated reporters of adult abuse/neglect/financial exploitation:

Anyone may report suspected abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, or any emergency situation involving a vulnerable adult or facility resident. WV Code §9-6-11 states the report must be made to the Department of Health and Human Services immediately, but not more than 48 hours after suspecting these circumstances.

Under WV Code §9-6-9 certain persons are mandated reporters of adult abuse or neglect.These persons are:

Any medical, dental or mental health professional

Christian Science practitioner

Religious healer

Social service worker

Law enforcement officer

Humane officer

Any employee of any nursing home or other residential facility

If you are a mandated reporter with an allegation involving a vulnerable adult or resident of a nursing home or residential facility, you are required by law to complete the APS Mandatory Reporting Form immediately, but not more than 48 hours of suspecting the abuse or neglect as part of the Adult Protective Services (APS) process.


Am I protected if I make a report?

Persons making a report in good faith are immune from civil or criminal liability under WV Code §49-2-810 for reports of child abuse or neglect and WV Code §9-6-12 for reports of adult abuse or neglect.

Failure to report penalty:

Relating to Child Welfare Responsibilities

Under WV Code §49-2-812 any person, official or institution required by this article to report a case involving a child known or suspected to be abused or neglected, or required by section eight hundred nine to forward a copy of a report of serious injury, who knowingly fails to do so or knowingly prevents another person acting reasonably from doing so, is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall be confined in jail not more than ninety days or fined not more than $5,000,or both fined and confined.


Relating to Social Services for Adults

Under WV Code §9-6-14 any person subject to the mandatory reporting provisions of this article who knowingly fails to make any report required herein or any person who knowingly prevents another person from making such a report is guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than $100 or imprisoned in the county jail for not more than ten days, or both fined and imprisoned.