Request an APS and CPS Background Check

What is a protective services (APS and CPS) background check?

It is a  request to check child and adult protective services records held within the Bureau for Children and Families to determine if an individual has a record of substantiated maltreatment of a child or adult.


Who needs a protective services background check?

All potential adoptive parents, foster parents and their adult household members

An employee, volunteer or household member of the following agencies or providers:

  • Licensed child care centers

    Title 78 Legislative Rule s DHHR, Series 1 Child Care Centers Licensing  §78-1-8.4.d 
    "A center shall ensure that each staff member and volunteer has a completed, signed, and dated Authorization and Release for Protective Services Record Check.  The release shall be on file no later than the date of hire."

  • Licensed child placing agencies 

    Title 78 Legislative Rule, DHHR, Series 2 Child Placing Agencies Licensure §78-2-6.6c.10  
    "Each record for an employee shall include a completed Statement of Child Abuse or Neglect History form."

  • Licensed group residential facilities

    Title 78 Legislative Rule, DHHR, Series 3 Minimum Licensing Requirements for Residential Child Care and Treatment Facilities for Children and Transitioning Adults in West Virginia   §78-3-10.2.j  
    "The organization shall submit a request for Protective Service (Adult and Child) background check on each applicant to the Department.  Documentation of the results of the check shall be maintained with the personnel file of the applicant." 

  • WV Family Day Care Facility Regulations

Title 78 Legislative Rule, DHHR, Series 18 Family Child Care Facility License   §78-18-16.1.b   
“At the time of application and renewal for a certificate of registration, a facility owner/operator, staff, volunteers eighteen (18) years of age and over, and each household member shall sign a consent to check Department records for child and adult abuse and neglect."  

  • WV Family Day Care Home Registration Requirements 

    Title 78 Legislative Rule, DHHR, Series 19 Family Child Care Home Registration Requirements  §78-19-6.4.a.2  
    “At the time of application and renewal for a certificate of registration, a caregiver and each adult household member shall sign a statement of criminal record."

  • Other family services agencies required by state law, licensing regulations, or DHHR policy or contract language to complete protective services background checks on potential/current employees or volunteers.

  • Other states and agencies as required by the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006

Note:  Those individuals seeking information about Nurse Aides, please go to the Nurse Aide Registry at  


How do I request a protective services background check?

There are two separate forms for use in obtaining a protective services background check.
These forms are for official agency use only. Any other use would be considered fraudulent.
All forms must be completed in BLUE INK. Incomplete forms will be returned to the agency that submitted them.
The completed form should be signed, dated and returned to the employing agency/provider.

Click here for the protective services background check form 


Where does the agency/provider send the original copy of the completed form?


APS/CPS Background Check Unit
350 Capitol Street, Room B-18
Charleston, WV 25301



 Note: Completed forms will be processed by the Bureau and returned to the employing agency as soon as possible.


 For Questions Call 1-304-352-4429.