Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I find....

family assistance?

if I am eligible for financial help for Child Care?


How do I apply ....

for benefits online?

for Medicaid?

to adopt a child?

to become a foster parent?

 *Note: This link will take you to Bureau for Child Support enforcement (BCSE) website.  You do not need public assistance to qualify for Child Support services.  The BCSE is able to help you locate absent parties, establish paternity, establish child support and medical support, and enforce support orders.  BCSE will also help you modify existing orders and enforce spousal support orders.  There is no fee to apply for these services.

How do I report....

a Child Care Center violation?

changes with my address, income, household circumstances?... call the Customer Service Reporting Center at 1-877-716-1212 or by going online here

a complaint about any Bureau for Children and Families program or service? Client Services at          1-800-642-8589

abuse and/or neglect of a child or incapicated adult? 1-800-352-6513


How do I locate....

licensed Child Care Centers?

West Virginia agencies for early childhood services?

local agencies for child and family services?