Child Welfare Services

Who can receive Child Welfare Services?


Any child ages 0-18 years old who:

  • has been suspected of being abused or neglected 
  • is subjected to conditions that are likely to result in abuse or neglect
  • is a youth who committed status offenses
  • is a youth who has been adjudicated delinquent
  • is a youth who has been referred to the Department of Health and Human Resources for services or placement


What are the responsibilities of Child Welfare Services?

  • investigate reports of abuse and neglect of children

  • provide services to children and families in their home

  • place children in foster care if they are unsafe in their own homes or the community is not safe for them

  • finding permanent homes for children who cannot return to their own homes

  • provide services to children transitioning into adulthood while in foster care placement

How do I make a report to Child Welfare Services? 

Reports are made to the Central Intake unit. 

For more information about reporting abuse and neglect visit the Central Intake Abuse and Neglect webpage.