Request a Criminal Background Check (CIB)

What is a CIB (Crime Identification Bureau) background check?

This is a criminal background record check though the Criminal Identification Bureau at the State Police and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) through the FBI.  An individual is required to be finger printed and complete the required form(s) listed in the following sections. 
The following are some examples of state and federal legislation supporting the use of criminal background checks: 
West Virginia Code §49-2B-8 requires a check of personnel criminal records for licensed, certified and registered child welfare and child caring agencies. 
The Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA, Public Law 105-89) requires criminal background checks on all individuals and agency staff providing care for foster children or for prospective adoptive parents to whom adoptive assistance payments are made. 
West Virginia Code §15-2C allows for home care service providers not otherwise licensed to be registered so they may access information established by the Central Abuse Registry.

Who needs a CIB?

Staff in all programs operated by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources; licensed, certified or approved adult and child welfare agencies; and child caring agencies.  Specific examples include:

  • Foster Care
  • Adoption
  • Adult Family Care
  • Adult Emergency Shelter
  • Licensed or approved Child Placing Agencies
  • Licensed or approved Residential Child Care Facilities
  • Licensed or approved Child Care Centers
  • Family Child Care Centers
  • Registered Family Home Child Care Providers
  • Any other program which utilizes providers under the Bureau for Children and Families
How Do I Request a CIB?
General instructions for electronic fingerprinting:

The agency/provider schedules the applicant to be fingerprinted at a designated site. 

The agency/provider has the applicant complete the Statement of Criminal Record form and submits this to: 

WV DHHR /BCF Background Unit
350 Capitol St. Room 730
Charleston, WV 25301

For applicants requiring both state and federal background checks, a check or money order in the amount of $37.25 per applicant, made payable to WV DHHR BCF, should also be submitted along with the completed Statement of Criminal Record form. 


What happens if an applicant's fingerprints are rejected?

If the applicant has two rejections within a year of each other by the State Police or the FBI, with one rejection occurring within the last 90 days,the applicant will be notified of the rejection and given further instructions.
How does an agency receive the results? 
 The requesting agency/provider will be notified in writing that:

1) the applicant is cleared for employment.

2) the applicant needs to complete a waiver form for any charges or convictions revealed in the background check that may be treated as inapplicable when considering the applicant for employment or

3) the applicant cannot be employed and a waiver is not possible.

 **Please refer to the Electronic Fingerprinting Guide for complete instructions on this process**


How often are CIB background checks required?

The Statement of Criminal Record Form shall be completed every two years after the initial submission.
Subsequent record checks shall be completed every five years or any time there is an indication the CIB information may have changed.

For more information about the CIB process please review the CIB Policy.