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All-Payer Claims Database

​The all-payer claims database (APCD) is the program authorized by state code that collects, retains, uses, and discloses information concerning the claims and administrative expenses of health care payers. Each Cabinet Secretary for the West Virginia Department of Health (DH), West Virginia Department of Health Facilities (DHF), and West Virginia Department of Human Services (DoHS) has primary responsibility for the establishment, development, and financial stability of the APCD; primary responsibility for enforcement of the data collection rests with the West Virginia Insurance Commissioner.

Data submitted to and retained by the APCD shall be available as a resource for the Secretary and Commissioner to conduct public health and program analyses; review health care utilization, expenditures, and performance in West Virginia; conduct academic research; and to enhance the ability of consumers to make informed and cost-effective health care decisions.

Data may also be available as a resource for insurers, researchers, employers, providers, purchasers of health care, and state agencies. Any such use shall be limited to public health, research, consumer reporting, and program evaluation purposes. 

The APCD has procedures and safeguards in place to protect the privacy, integrity, confidentiality, and availability of any data. Disclosures may not contain personal identifiers. Reasonable fees for the right to access and use the data may be reduced or waived if the user has a viable plan to use the data or information in research of general value to public health.

An advisory board provides advice to the Secretary with respect to the various functions of the APCD.

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