West Virginia

Department of
Health & Human Resources


​​​Bill J. Crouch

Cabinet Secretary

304-558-0684 | DHHRSecretary@wv.gov

​Bill J. Crouch was appointed Cabinet Secr​etary of the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) in January 2017 by Governor Jim Justice.

Early in his career and after earning his Bachelor of Science degree from Mars Hill College, Bill spent several years working as a nuclear medicine technologist and for a while, as a laboratory technician, in acute care hospitals. During this time, he also earned a Master of Public Health degree (MPH) from the University of Tennessee.

Bill put his public health care knowledge to use in West Virginia for 10 years, first at the West Virginia State Health Department, Office of Community Health Services and later, as the first Executive Director of what is now the West Virginia Health Care Authority where he stayed through 1986.

In 1987, Bill started his consulting firm, and for the next 30 years, his company provided health care management and consulting services to hospitals, long-term care facilities, ambulatory care clinics, and physicians. In addition, he was a partner in a long-term care company that owned and managed nursing facilities and assisted living communities in West Virginia.
Bill J. Crouch 

Cammie Chapman

Deputy Secretary of Child and Adult Services

304-558-0684 | Cammie.L.Chapman@wv.gov
Cammie Chapman 

​​​Christina Mullins

Deputy Secretary of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

304-558-0627 | Christina.R.Mullins@wv.gov
Christina Mullins 

​​​Russell Crane

Deputy Secretary

304-558-0684 | Russell.Crane@wv.gov
Russell Crane 

​​​Justin Davis

Assistant to the Secretary

304-558-0684 | Justin.J.Davis@wv.gov
Justin Davis 

​​​Rae Bates

Assistant to the Secretary

304-558-0684 | Rae.J.Bates@wv.gov
Rae Bates 

Bureau and Office Directors

​​​Christina Mullins

Commissioner of the Bureau for Behavioral Health (BBH)

304-558-0627 | Christina.R.Mullins@wv.gov
Christina Mullins 

​​​Garrett Jacobs

Commissioner of the Bureau for Child Support Enforcement (BCSE)

304-558-0909 | Garrett.M.Jacobs@wv.gov
Garrett Jacobs 

​​​Matthew Christiansen

Director of the Office of Drug Control Policy (ODCP)

304-558-0684 | Matthew.Q.Christiansen@wv.gov
Matthew Christiansen 

​​​Janie Cole

Interim Commissioner of the Bureau for Family Assistance (BFA)

304-352-4468 | Janie.M.Cole@wv.gov
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​​​Cynthia Beane

Commissioner of the Bureau for Medical Services (BMS)

304-558-1700 | Cynthia.E.Beane@wv.gov
Cynthia Beane 

​​​Ayne Amjad

Acting Commissioner of the Bureau for Public Health (BPH) and State Health Officer

304-558-2971 | Ayne.Amjad@wv.gov
Ayne Amjad 

​​​Jeffrey Pack

Commissioner of the Bureau for Social Services (BSS)

304-558-0628 | Jeffrey.M.Pack@wv.gov
Jeffrey Pack 

​​​Rae Bates

Health Care Authority Interim Executive Director

304-558-0684 | Rae.J.Bates@wv.gov
Rae Bates 

​​​John Lopez

Director of the Office of Constituent Services

304-558-0684 | John.V.Lopez@wv.gov
John Lopez 

​​​Shevona Lusk

Chief Operating Officer, Office of Health Facilities (OHF)

304-558-0684 | Shevona.R.Lusk@wv.gov
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​​​Sheila Lee

Interim Inspector General (OIG)

304-558-2278 | Sheila.R.Lee@wv.gov
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​​​Timothy Priddy

Director of the Center for Threat Preparedness

304-352-6124 | Timothy.J.Priddy@wv.gov
Timothy Priddy 

​​​Allison Adler

Director of the Office of Communications

304-558-0684 | Allison.C.Adler@wv.gov
Allison Adler 

​​​Tara Buckner

Chief Financial Officer

304-558-9138 | Tara.L.Buckner@wv.gov
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​​​Shaun Charles

Chief Information Officer

304-558-0684 | Shaun.L.Charles@wv.gov
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​​​Warren Keefer

Chief Operating Officer

304-558-6362 | Warren.D.Keefer@wv.gov
Warren Keefer 

​​​April Robertson

General Counsel

304-558-4972 | April.L.Robertson@wv.gov
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​​​Angie Jacobs-Ferris

Director of the Office of Human Resources Management

304-558-3347 | Angela.L.Ferris@wv.gov
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