Adult Family Care


How do I become an Adult Family Care Provider?

All providers must:

  • Meet certain fire, safety, sanitation and health standards
  • May not accept more than three residents
  • Must provide adequate living space and nutritious meals for each adult placed in their home
  • Must be willing to accept an adult without regard to race, creed or national origin

The application process:

       1. Completion of the APPLICATION PACKET

       2. Completion of the homestudy;

           • Initial visit to the home
           • Interview with the applicant
           • Individual interviews with each family member
           • Group interview with all household members together

      3. Be fingerprinted for background checks:

           • These checks will include a criminal history background check and a protective services (APS/CPS) background check. CLICK HERE for more information.

Is financial assistance available for the provider?

Monthly Payment for Care Provided

Adult Family Care providers may receive reimbursement for clothing purchased for adults placed in their home. Reimbursement for clothing is based on the adult's need for clothing and may be available at the time of placement and six-month intervals thereafter. Up to $100 is available for the intial clothing allowance at the time of placement, and $75 is available every six months based on need.

Reimbursement for Additional Training

Adult Family Care providers may be entitled to receive reimbursement for approved training they receive. Adult Family Care providers are required to participate in relevant training opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge.