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Health Statistics Center History

​The Health Statistics Center (HSC) is an office within the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, Bureau for Public Health. The Vital Registration Office and Statistical Services are the two main branches of HSC.

The Vital Registration Office was formed in 1917 to record the vital events of West Virginia citizens. Prior to the creation of the state office, county offices were responsible for recording vital event information.

In 1978, HSC was created to encompass the Vital Registration Office and the newly formed Statistical Services to take over the responsibility of data management and statistics. In 1984, the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System was added to Statistical Services.  In 2007, Statistical Services expanded again to include an epidemiology unit to conduct disease surveillance and surveillance system evaluation.

Vital Registration Office

HSC’s Vital Registration Office is the state’s official repository of birth, death, marriage, and divorce records. These records are collectively referred to as “Vital Records.”

The Vital Registration Office verifies the completeness and accuracy of the records, corrects errors and omissions, and issues certified copies of these records (for a fee), which are required for such items as identification cards, driver's licenses, school enrollment, employment, and passports.

Statistical Services

HSC's Statistical Services branch produces state and county level statistics and statistical reports for public health planning and policy development purposes. The information is used to monitor the health of West Virginians by analyzing birth, death, behavioral, and other health data. Such analysis can identify areas where specific interventions might favorably impact the health of state residents.

Statistical Services produces two annual publications plus numerous special reports. Statistical Services can accommodate requests for statistics and/or graphics not included in annual reports. Please visit Data Access for more information.