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Epidemiology Division

​​HSC has a team of epidemiologists who analyze the VSS and BRFSS datasets and produce state and county level health statistics. Via statistical requests and HSC publications, these statistics are disseminated to public health officials, practitioners, and researchers as well as coalitions and non-profit agencies for use. Public health statistics are used for program planning, implementation, and evaluation; needs assessments; grants and other funding proposals; goal and objective setting; policy development; trend analysis; and to describe the burden of disease. Two main publications are produ​ced by HSC each year, the Vital Statistics report and the BRFSS report. Additionally, HSC staff produce surveillance reports, statistical briefs, fast stats, and fact sheets and fill statistical requests. Recent reports are listed by year and are available by hovering over Publications above and selecting Recent Reports. Reports listed by topic are available by hovering over Publications​ above and selecting A-Z Report Index.  To make a request for statistics, please click here.​

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