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Jackie Withrow Hospital

JW.JPGJackie Withrow Hospital is located at 105 S. Eisenhower Dr. in Beckley, West Virginia and operates under the direction of the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources. Previously Pinecrest Hosptial, Jackie Withrow Hospital has taken the dedication and pioneer attitude from its namesake and applied it to our mission to provide and promote continuous individualized quality care to a diverse and unique population by meeting the emotional, spiritual, social and physical needs of each resident, in a cost effective and professional manner.

Founded in 1927 and established in 1930, Jackie Withrow Hospital has continued to provide for the needs of West Virginians for more than 80 years.

IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY: Jackie Withrow Hospital recognizes the need for interaction and communication between its clients and their families or representatives in a time of local, state and/or national emergencies. In the event of a known emergency, family members or authorized representatives may call: (304) 256-6600.

Career Opportunities
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Due to recent legislation, positions filled for the West Virginia Department of Health Facilities and West Virginia Department of Human Services' Bureau for Social Services beginning January 1, 2024, are no longer covered by the West Virginia Division of Personnel.  These positions are now covered under the Office of Shared Administration classification and compensation system. All job postings for the Department of Health Facilities and Bureau for Social Services can temporarily be found here. You may apply for any jobs that interest you by filling out this application form​ or by submitting your resume/CV to OHRMOSAClassComp@wv.gov​.​


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