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Jackie Withrow Hospital History

jackie photo.JPGPinecrest Hospital was authorized by an Act of the Legislature in 1927 and opened in March of 1930 as a Tuberculosis (TB) Sanitarium. Pinecrest had its highest enrollment of TB patients in March of 1953, at which time there was a 655 bed capacity with 631 patients and a waiting list of 81 patients. Due to the advancement of medical technology, in-patient treatment of TB has decreased. Jackie Withrow Hospital currently has a TB unit with a capacity to treat  five patients. In December of 1970, Pinecrest initiated the transition from TB to long-term care for the elderly, but the standard of care yet remains to this day. Currently, the facility has a 144 bed capacity.

On November 4, 2009, the facility changed its name to honor the late delegate from Raleigh County, Jackie Withrow, officially becoming Jackie Withrow Hospital.  W.W. "Jackie" Withrow was first elected to the House of Delegates in 1960, becoming the first woman to serve in this branch of state government.  For 18 years, she was an advocate for patients at state health and social service institutions.