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Medical Cannabis Seed to Sale Vendor Selected


The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, Bureau for Public Health, Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC) today announced Metrc as the new state Seed to Sale system provider.


“This is an important step to make certain medical cannabis is available only to West Virginians with serious medical conditions and to prevent diversion of products in West Virginia,” said Jason Frame, Director of the OMC. “While the COVID-19 pandemic has put many industries across the country on hold, we’re proud to say that it has not stopped West Virginia from meeting its deadlines and laying the groundwork for a safe, regulated medical cannabis market.”


A main focus for the state’s new track-and-trace program will be helping OMC regulators ensure no illicit cannabis products are sold in the medical cannabis market, and also that no legal medical cannabis products are sold unlawfully. Because Metrc’s system tracks every legal product back to the cannabis plant, OMC regulators can easily identify if an illicit product is introduced into the supply chain. Similarly, the disposal process for any legal product is documented in Metrc’s system, allowing OMC regulators to see if product is being improperly removed for unlawful sales.


The OMC continues with to move forward with the scoring of processor and dispensary applications. Those decisions will be made as soon as possible. Additionally, OMC will begin the process of issuing patient cards in spring 2021. 


“We continue to work toward a goal of providing eligible West Virginia residents the ability to procure quality-tested medical cannabis, while also preventing those products from being obtained by unauthorized individuals,” added Frame.

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