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Department of Health
Department of Health Facilities
Department of Human Services


‚ÄčBureau for Children and Families (now the Bureau for Family Assistance and the Bureau for Social Services)

Formerly the Bureau for Children and Families and now the Bureau for Family Assistance and the Bureau for Social Services, these two bureaus are responsible for the operation of a number of programs that affect families and children, including day care centers, adult care providers, early childhood services and the fostering and adoption of West Virginia children. (These websites are currently being developed).

Bureau for Child Support Enforcement 

When the relationship between a child's parents ends, it does not mean that either parent's responsibility for that child ends. Both parents remain financially, legally, and emotionally obligated to a child.  The Bureau for Child Support Enforcement (BCSE) helps the person caring for a child collect child support from the child's other parent(s). The BCSE also helps divorced individuals collect spousal support.

Bureau for Public Health

The mission of the Bureau for Public Health is to help shape the environments within which West Virginians in their communities can be safe and healthy.  The Bureau embraces the values of community, science and evidence-based decision making, health equity, prevention and wellness, and the protection and improvement of the health of all West Virginians.

Bureau for Medical Services

The Bureau for Medical Services (BMS) is the designated single state agency responsible for the administration of the State's Medicaid program. BMS provides access to appropriate health care for Medicaid-eligible individuals.

Bureau for Behavioral Health

The mission of the Bureau for Behavioral Health is to ensure that positive meaningful opportunities are available for people with mental illness, substance abuse, intellectual and developmental disabilities and those at risk. We provide support for individuals, families, and communities in assisting persons to achieve their potential and to gain greater control over the direction of their future. 


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