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Hopemont Hospital History

Cottages.jpgIn 1911, the State Legislature passed an act to establish a tuberculosis sanatorium due to the repeated efforts of Anti-Tuberculosis League of West Virginia. The farm was owned by W.T. White of Terra Alta and on November 11, 1911, he conveyed it to the state of West Virginia.

In 1913, three cottages were constructed housing 60 patients and additions were gradually made until the hospital had a rated capacity at one time of 475 patients. The addition of a post office in 1921 necessitated the change of the name from State Tuberculosis Sanitorium at Terra Alta to the Hopemont Sanitarium.

In 1929, Conley unit was dedicated as a children's unit. Admission was restricted to children 16 years and under. 

In 1965, legislation was entered to change the name to Hopemont Hospital and designated the hospital as long-term care facility for the chronically ill.

In 1988, Hopemont became licensed and certified to accept Medicaid and accepted residents as long term care facility.  

In 1996, Hopemont became home to Geri-Olympics North. It is held first Thursday in August.  Geri Olympics is a competitive athletic event for nursing home residents from across the state of West Virginia. The resident athletes compete in events such as Wheelchair Course, Bowling, Bean Bag Toss, Horseshoes, Sticky Ball Toss, and Basketball. 
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