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​​​DHHR Moving ForwardWest Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Timeline:​
Top-to-Bottom Review and Moving Forward

3/30/22 - Governor Jim Justice vetoes House Bill 4020, which would have split the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) into two agencies and announces commitment to top-to-bottom review to address all problems while avoiding a lapse of vital supports or services to West Virginians.​

4/25/22 - A request for proposals for a top-to-bottom review of DHHR is posted by the West Virginia Purchasing Division. Bids are due by May 6, 2022, at 1:30 p.m.

6/3/22 - A consulting contract is awarded to McChrystal Group LLC, of Alexandria, VA, to conduct a top-to-bottom organizational assessment of the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR). Additionally, the review process will include the development of a strategic plan for the organization and financial structure of DHHR.

​6/16/22 - The McChrystal Group holds its first meeting with DHHR bureau commissioners and office directors.

6/21/22 - DHHR Cabinet Secretary Bill J. Crouch sends a Department-wide email announcing a survey compiled by the McChrystal Group will be sent by email next week  to all DHHR employees as part of the review process and emphasizes the importance of participation.

6/22/22 - Gov. Justice notes the review of DHHR is officially underway to identify what is working well within the agency, as well as any opportunities for improvement. DHHR employees will participate in an organizational assessment using an online survey specifically for DHHR employees.The 17-week process will conclude with a set of recommendations to make an informed decision about how best to shape DHHR going forward.

6/27/22 - DHHR Cabinet Secretary Bill J. Crouch sends an email announcing the launch of the survey later that morning. McChrystal Group survey link is released via a separate email around 9:00 a.m.

7/14/22 - With survey responses from 81% of DHHR staff members, the McChrystal Group begins to analyze the data and identify relevant trends, as well as conduct a limited number of confidential interviews.

11/10/22 - Gov. Justice receives top-to-bottom report on DHHR; assures state residents his decision to veto House Bill 4020 was the right thing to do and verified by national experts.

11/13/22 - Results of the McChrystal study are presented by the consultant team to members of the West Virginia Legislature during interim committee meetings.

11/14/22 - During Gov. Justice's coronavirus media briefing, DHHR Cabinet Secretary Bill J. Crouch notes recommendations from the McChrystal report will be implemented immediately and will help to improve priority outcomes.

11/15/22 - Gov. Justice and Secretary Crouch meet to discuss results and recommendations of the McChrystal report and chart path forward.​

11/16/22 - Secretary Crouch meets with the DHHR leadership who compose the steering committee for moving the Department forward.​​​

11/28/22 - Secretary Crouch appoints Cammie Chapman​ as Deputy Secretary of Children and Adult Services.

11/29/22 - Secretary Crouch appoints Christina Mullins​ as Deputy Secretary of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders.

11/30/22 - Secretary Crouch announces a temporary hiring freeze and centralized reporting structures of the staff who work in the job functions of Finance, Management Information Services, Human Resources Management and Purchasing. ​The temporary hiring freeze does not include critical positions. Positions that are already posted to the Division of Personnel will still be filled, and hiring events previously scheduled will be held.

12/7/22 - Secretary Crouch appoints Jessica Hudson​ as Chief Operating Officer of DHHR, effective January 9, 2023. Hudson will oversee the offices of Administration, Finance, Human Resources, and Management Information Services.

12/7/22 - Secretary Crouch appoints Nicholas Stuchell​ as Interim Commissioner of DHHR’s Bureau for Behavioral Health.

12/12/22 - Gov. Jim Justice announces the retirement of DHHR Secretary Bill Crouch, effective December 31, 2022. He will serve as an advisor until that time. Dr. Jeff Coben, Associate Vice President for Health Affairs & Dean of the West Virginia University School of Public Health, has been named Interim Secretary of DHHR​. Dr. Clay Marsh, and Retired Major General Jim Hoyer, will become advisors to Gov. Justice and to DHHR on the implementation of the McChrystal Report and the leadership transition.

12/14/22 - Following Gov. Jim Justice announcement of a new leadership team to help address challenges facing DHHR, the team has announced​ their initial plans and actions.

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