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Recurrence of Legionella Detected at Mildred Mitchell-Bateman Hospital


As part of its routine screening for Legionella and because of issues detected in April 2021, Mildred Mitchell-Bateman Hospital (MMBH), operated by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR), has detected a recurrence of Legionella bacteria. The results show the presence of Legionella in the MMBH basement level break room and inside the CEO’s office. 


In April 2021, the hospital replaced all faucets and the hot water heater and installed a recirculation pump. All water sources were tested periodically since April and samples collected following mitigation efforts did not detect Legionella bacteria until recent verification testing was conducted. 


“The facility is following all recommended procedures to immediately address the issue,” said Dr. Ayne Amjad, State Health Officer and Commissioner of DHHR’s Bureau for Public Health. 


The two areas will be resampled and flushed. DHHR is working directly with MMBH to remedy the situation. Since there is not a risk to the public, the buildings will remain open during the assessment and correction period. 


More information on Legionella can be found at https://www.cdc.gov/legionella/about/index.html. ​

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