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Monday Morning Status Downtown - Diamond Building, Davis Square Building and Parking Garage


The Diamond Building, Davis Square Building and Parking Garage will be open on Monday.
The snowfall has obviously had a major impact on downtown Charleston.  DHHR Maintenance crews have been working to make the best of the situation but there is only so much that can be done with limited resources and this significant of an event.

Most roadways in downtown Charleston are passible, most sidewalks are not.  There does not appear to be anything that would prohibit vehicular traffic in downtown Charleston from reaching the Diamond Capitol Street Entrance, the Davis Square Washington Street Entrance and the DHHR Parking Garage on Capitol Street.

Here is a summary of the anticipated situation for Monday:

Areas that are clear of snow
Capitol Street Side Diamond Building from Washington Street to Main Entrance
Washington Street side of Diamond Building from Capitol Street to Firestone
Washington Street Side of Davis Square Building from Capitol Street to Main Entrance
Emergency Exits for both Diamond and Davis Square
Vehicle Entrances and Exits for Parking Garage

Areas that are NOT CLEAR of snow
Any alleys behind Diamond Building
Any sidewalks not listed as cleared
Davis Park and all of Summer Street sidewalks

Due to snow piling on the sidewalks and a water line break on Capitol Street near Kinkos, pedestrian traffic between the DHHR Parking Garage and the Diamond/Davis Square Buildings is unsafe.  DHHR will be running shuttles between the Parking Garage and the Diamond Building tomorrow and continuing until it is safe for employees to walk on the sidewalks back and forth from the Parking Garage.

Anyone planning on parking in the Parking Garage, please note the following:

·         Shuttles will run beginning Monday at 7AM and continue until 5:30PM.
·         Shuttle Pick-Up and Drop-Off locations will be in the 1) DHHR Parking Garage and the 2) Main Entrance of the Diamond Building on Capitol Street.  These will be the only Pick-up and Drop-off location.  The sidewalks have been cleared to allow safe pedestrian traffic between and Diamond Building and the Washington Street Entrance of the Davis Square Building.
·         Shuttle Service will not be available outside of these hours and any employees needing to travel to/from the Parking Garage outside of these hours will be on their own.
·         We will evaluate the need to provide shuttle service daily for the remainder of the week.

Employees should of course always use their best judgement relating to safety of travel.  

Contact Information

Email questions to George.L.Montgomery@wv.gov