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BPH begins door-to-door community assessments


Residents affected by the Elk River Chemical Spill asked to participate in a household survey April 8-10, 2014.
Bureau for Public Health begins door-to-door community assessments
The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), will conduct a Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Response (CASPER) in the nine counties affected by the January 9, 2014 Elk River chemical spill. The CASPER will be conducted Tuesday through Thursday, April 8-10, 2014.
"During this timeframe, officials from the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health, the CDC and volunteers from the WVU School of Public Health will go door-to-door in neighborhoods to survey randomly selected households about public health concerns during the spill," said Dr. Letitia Tierney, Commissioner for Public Health and State Health Officer. "Each selected household will be asked to complete a short questionnaire."
Surveyors will carry official credentials to identify themselves as public health staff. The CDC and the WVU School of Public Health will make up about half of the 30 volunteers involved in the project.
"The results of the CASPER will help state and local officials improve response to future emergencies, including effective communication with the public," Tierney added. "Full participation of the household is encouraged."
All responses to survey questions are voluntary and will be kept confidential under West Virginia state law.

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