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The HealthCheck Program works with health care providers to ensure that West Virginia children receive well child screens.

Well child visits allow health care providers to make sure your child is healthy and growing and developing appropriately. They give parents and other caregivers a chance to ask questions and discuss concerns they may have.

Well child visits can detect health problems early and in some cases, prevent health problems from occurring. 

Well Child Visits: 

1 Week Visit            

1 Month Visit  2 Month Visit
4 Month Visit 6 Month Visit             9 Month Visit 
12 Month Visit 15 Month Visit 18 Month Visit
24 Month Visit  30 Month Visit  3 Year Visit 
4 Year Visit  5 Year Visit  6 Year Visit 
7 Year Visit  8 Year Visit  9 Year Visit 
10 Year Visit  11 Year Visit      12 Year Visit
13 Year Visit     14 Year Visit 15 Year Visit
16 Year Visit 17 Year Visit 18, 19 & 20 Year Visits

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