Accessible Smoke Alarm Project

Through a generous grant from West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services, WVCDHH distributes accessible smoke alarms to provide homeowners who are deaf or hard of hearing with a higher level of safety.  Smoke alarms are distributed at no cost to the homeowner.

Application and more information:

Types of Alarms 

First Alert 
This alarm sounds an 85dB warning when fire danger is sensed.  


This is an alarm clock that “hears” the First Alert alarm.  When the First Alert sounds, the Lifetone sends three different signals designed to awaken and alert a sleeping person who is deaf or hard of hearing:
  • A 520 Hz square-wave alarm designed to be more likely heard by a person with a hearing loss
  • An attached bed shaker vibrates to provide a tactile signal
  • The clock flashes the word FIRE.  
This alarm sounds a 90db warning and has a strobe light, providing visual notification of danger from multiple locations in the home.