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Project Director/Interim Executive Director

Sarah Lowther is the Project Director at WVCDHH. She will also serve as the Interim Executive Director until the vacant position is filled. She has been with WVCDHH since April 2015. She attended Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College and is continuing higher education. Prior to working for WVCDHH, she worked as a technical analyst and customer support specialist. She provided advanced services, such as incident response and escalations operations, as part of a resolution team for major telecommunication, healthcare, and financial advisory companies. She brings analytical, problem solving, and interpersonal skills, along with an enthusiastic desire to help others.

Sarah’s hobbies include biking, crafting, video games, and spending time with family and pets.

You may contact Sarah at or 304-558-1675.

Executive Director

Currently Vacant

Office Assistant

Currently Vacant