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West Virginia Support Enforcement Commission

​​​​​​​​§48-17-109. General duties of support enforcement commission.

(a) Federal law requires that each state periodically review the formula used to set child support obligations to determine appropriate awards for the support of children. States are required to consider current research and data on the costs of and expenditures necessary for rearing children. A process for review of the guidelines should be established to ensure the integrity of the formula and reviews undertaken to comply with federal law.

(b) The commission shall review and analyze:

     (1) The current child support guidelines;

     (2) Relevant research and data regarding the cost of child rearing;

     (3) Research and data on the application of, and deviations from, the child support guidelines;

     (4) Current law, administrative rules and practices regarding child support; and

     (5) Any other data the commission deems relevant to the review of the current child support guidelines.

The ​​current child support guidelines in WV Code​ were enacted in 2001, based upon the child's share of expenditures from families surveyed in 1980-1986 and 1999 income tax rates and price levels per page 101 of the current report 

The public may review the findings and recommendations in West V​irginia Support Enforcement Commission 2015 Report, which was presented to the West Virginia  Legislative Oversight Commission on Health and Human Resources Accountability in January 2015.   

In April 2022, the West Virginia Support Enforcement Commission will begin its review of the child support guidelines as required by the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement.  The West Virginia Support Enforcement Commission will consider the report by Center for Policy Research titled "Review of the West Virginia Child Support Guidelines" dated January 10, 2022.      

After completing their review, the findings and recommendations of the 2022 West Virginia Support Enforcement Commission will be prepared and presented to the Legislative Oversight Commission on Health and Human Resources Accountability in the 2023 Legislative Session.  The West Virginia Support Enforcement Commission reviews the child support guidelines every four years.​

Members of the Commission

Ann L. Haight
Megan Hatfield
Allyson E. Hilliard
Dr. W. Shane Holmes
Dr. Marjorie McDiarmid
Tina A. Mitchell
Melody Pendergrass
Heidi L. Talmage
The Honorable Heather A. Wood​​

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