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​​The Amnesty Program of BCSE allows the parents to develop an agreement to forgive some percentage of interest on arrears owed by a parent (obligor).  There are several requirements for Amnesty:

  • Both parents must agree what percentage of interest owed on arrears is to be forgiven;
  • Amnesty only covers interest on arrears (current support remains due); and 
  • The obligor​ must agree to pay the entire arrears balance owed within five years.

BCSE can provide sample forms and provide an updated total of the arrearage. The agreement must be written by the parties and include the percentage of interest waived and the payment plan for the remaining amount, including the principal arrears amount to be paid off within five years.

The plan must be filed with the Family Court and the Family Court must agree to the Amnesty agreement.
Contact your local BCSE office to obtain sample forms and information about how you can file your completed written Amnesty agreement for approval by the Court. 

More information about Amnesty (Amnesty FAQs)

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