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Income Shares Support Formula

​​​​How Much Child Support Will I have to pay? How much child support should I expect?

West Virginia uses the Income Shares Support Formula to determine the amount of child support. The amount of support depends on several factors: the number of children, the amount of time the child(ren) spends with each parent, the gross income of both parents, the specific expenses involved in raising the child(ren), other child(ren) of both parents, and other extenuating circumstances. 
BCSE sends both parents a financial form to gather information about these factors. It is important for the parents to answer all the questions and return the form as soon as possible. If the financial form is not returned, BCSE makes a determination based on information obtained from other sources.
Income Shares Support Formula:  WV Code

Income Shares Basic Shared Parenting Worksheet

Income Shares Extended Shared Parenting Worksheet

Estimate Your Child Support (link to external site)

West Virginia Support Enforcement Commission

The West Virginia Support Enforcement Commission will begin its review of the West Virginia child support guidelines in April 2022.  Following this review, the Commission's report and recommendations will be presented to the West Virginia Legislative Oversight Commission on Health and Human Resources Accountability during the 2023 Legislative Session. 
The next review of the West Virginia child support guidelines will be made in 2026.​

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