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How Does BCSE Process Payments


How does BCSE process Payments?

The BCSE processes payment received by mail, in-person in county offices, in-court and electronically.  The BCSE deposits all payments promptly.  Payments are credited by the obligor's name and Social Security number.

Does an obligor receive credit by the BCSE for direct payments to the obligee if there is an open and active case with the BCSE?

All direct payments should be forwarded to the BCSE for tracking.  If there is no court order, then the money given to the obligee is considered a gift.  If there is a court order and the obligee and obligor are both willing to verify that the support payment was made, then credit will be given by the BCSE.

A child support payment was credited to my case several days ago and I would usually have it by now, but I haven't received it.  What should I do?

Please keep in mind that if there has recently been a holiday or state of emergency, the payment process may be delayed.  Please allow additional processing time in these situations.
BCSE has payment information on its website (Check Payment Information) or you can obtain payment information by dialing 1-800-249-3778 and selecting option 1.

The obligor was notified that a refund was intercepted for child support arrears.  Why haven't I received those arrears?

An obligor will usually be notified before BCSE receives any funds.  The BCSE cannot disclose the source of such funds except to the obligor due to privacy restrictions.  While the BCSE is required to apply funds to the arrears balance when the collection is received, it is required by State law to hold certain types of special collections for 180 days (6 months) because of the possibility of another claim being filed on the funds that would require the BCSE to return all or some of the collection to the source.  The BCSE cannot contact the IRS or State Tax Department to obtain information about refunds.
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