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The West Virginia Violence and Injury prevention Program (WVVIPP) is advancing and evaluating comprehensive state-level strategies for preventing prescription drug overuse, misuse, abuse, and overdose via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cooperative agreement, Prescription Drug Overdose Prevention for States

WVVIPP is addressing the main causes of the prescription drug overdose epidemic in West Virginia, by targeting providers’ high-risk prescribing and patient behaviors that drive overdose deaths. This Project will build on a previous CDC FOA, Prescription Drug Overdose: Boost for State Prevention FOA CE14-1404, by advancing strategies to enhance and maximize its state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), known in West Virginia as the Controlled Substances Monitoring Program (CSMP) ; implementing community and insurer/health system interventions; and evaluating existing policies designed to reduce prescription drug overdose morbidity and mortality.

This Project's plan is to enhance and maximize the state’s PDMP for West Virginia prescribers and dispensers, thus ensuring added value at the point of care. The Project will provide educational and best practice materials to physicians regarding appropriate prescribing behaviors. Likewise, the Project will improve the quality of patient care by increasing awareness of appropriate opioid medication use for chronic pain, while decreasing the likelihood of inappropriate opioid use and dependency. Finally, the Project will include a policy evaluation component to examine effect of key legislation (including West Virginia Senate Bills 335, 437 and 523) on the patients receiving prescription opioids, licensed pain management clinics, physician prescribers and dispensers of pain management therapies and drugs, and state bureaucracy in charge of implementation of said legislation. 


 Strategic Partners:

West Virginia Board of Pharmacy

West Virginia Bureau for Medical Services

West Virginia University Injury Control Research Center

West Virginia University School of Pharmacy-Rational Drug Therapy Program

West Virginia Health Information Network

West Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services

West Virginia State Law Enforcement Authority

West Virginia Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities/Division on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse


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