Payment Links

This page contains information and links to various sites for payment of invoices, licenses, and certificate fees.  Additional information can be found using the links listed below the payment information.

Environmental Chemistry Water Payments
Use this link to pay invoices for chemical water testing (Invoice# starting with ENV): Pay Invoice.

For additional information about Environmental Chemistry, click HERE.

Environmental Microbiology Water Payments
Use this link to pay invoices for microbiological (bacteriological) water testing (Invoice# starting with WAT): Pay Invoice.

For additional information about Environmental Microbiology, click HERE.


All CLIA fees must be submitted directly to CMS through their payment website,, or via mail to:

CLIA Laboratory Program
PO Box 3056
Portland, OR   97208-3056

OLS can not accept any type of payment for CLIA fees.

For more information about CLIA, click HERE

HIV/AIDS-related Testing Certificate

HIV/AIDS-related testing certificates must be renewed annually.  The current certificate will have an expiration date listed under the director's name, ex. "Valid 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018."  The certificate is valid until the certificate date of 12/31/20XX.

The Office of Laboratory Services will initiate certificate renewals by emailing a survey link to the two contacts provided during the previous year's certificate renewal.  The certificate renewal process will begin sometime between September 1st and October 31st of each year.  The renewal for HIV in-state and HIV out-of-state certificates will be completed in a staggered fashion to allow for easier processing.  To help this process, complete and submit the required items by your designated due date (which will be provided in your annual email).  You may make online payments during the designated renewal period using the link below:

For more information about HIV/AIDS-related testing, click HERE

Clinical Laboratory Practitioner's License

To renew your Clinical Laboratory Practitioner's License, click on this link: CLP License Renewal.
If required to pay additional fees, click on this link: Additional Fees.

For more information about Clinical Laboratory Practitioner's Licensing, click HERE.

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