Licensure (Clinical Laboratory Practitioners)

The Law 

The West Virginia Division of Health Legislative Rule governing Clinical Laboratory Technician and Scientist Licensure and Certification (64 CSR 57) was effective June 1, 2017. The rule covers laboratories performing clinical laboratory testing of moderate or high complexity as defined by CLIA-88, and states that "No person will perform any clinical laboratory practitioner's tasks in West Virginia except as specified in this rule, unless the person is licensed by the secretary (of West Virginia DHHR) as a clinical laboratory practitioner."  This means that moderate and high complexity testing personnel must be licensed through this office to legally test clinical samples.  Any person found performing moderate or high complexity testing without a license will be assessed a penalty fee of $100 and the facility will be cited under CLIA for non-compliance with WV state law.

Licensure Source Verification Lookup

The licensure source verification website allows users to look up licensure by name or license number.  This is a source verified site and the information may be printed and used as confirmation until the license card arrives.

NOTE:  If the verification information provided by this online tool is not sufficient, click HERE to request an official verification.  The fee for this service is $10.  Please allow five (5) business days for processing.  If this request is urgent, an additional fee of $35 is required for rush processing.  We are unable to provide additional verification until payment is complete.

Please allow two (2) weeks for the processing of all applications. 

To Obtain an Initial License

  1. Complete the Laboratory Personnel Qualification Appraisal and Application for Licensure (updated July 2024) and submit it to the address below along with the following.
  2. You must provide all supporting documentation:
    • Copy of High School Diploma/GED (unless you’re submitting a higher applicable degree).
    • Copy of College Diploma (science degree).
    • Copy of military 50-week medical technology training course (if applicable).
    • Copy of Board Certification (certificate or current membership card).
    • Job description, if currently employed.
  3. Your signature and your director’s signature (if currently employed) are required.
  4. Check for $25.00 Annual Fee. (link to online payment portal HERE)

Trainee Application

Click HERE for the trainee license application.

To Renew Your License Using The Paper Renewal Form 

  1. Complete the pre-filled form that was mailed to the address on file OR print and complete a blank Renewal Application Form.  This form must include your signature. 
  2. 10 hours of continuing education (CE) is required.  Sources of CE can be found HERE
    • If you are not returning certificates of completion with the application, document your CE on page 2 and obtain your supervisor's signature for verification.
  3. The annual fee of $25.00 and any additional fees or penalties can be paid by check or money order.  A schedule of fees and penalties can be found below.  Renewal applications will not be processed unless all applicable fees are paid.  If you prefer to email or fax your documents and pay online, you may access the online payment portal HERE.
    • There is not currently a selectable option for a renewal payment in the payment portal.  Choose "new applicant annual fee" and any other applicable fees and penalties, then type the words "PAPER RENEWAL FORM" after your license number to ensure your payment is routed properly.
  4. Return your application to the address at the bottom of this page.

To Renew Your License Online 

  1. Access the online application HERE.
  2. 10 hours of continuing education (CE) is required.  Sources of CE can be found HERE.
  3. The annual fee of $25.00 and any additional fees or penalties will be collected with the renewal application.  Additional fees must be manually selected, if applicable.  A schedule of fees and penalties can be found below.  Renewal applications will not be processed unless all applicable fees are paid.

Continuing Education

A list of both free and paid continuing education (CE) options can be found HERE.  You may also order courses from the Office of Laboratory Services via the Training Page.

Continuing education must be related to your job duties and the testing you perform.  We may accept CE provided by your employer if the content is appropriate. 

International Licensure Applications 

Complete the steps in the "To Obtain an Initial License" section above.  In addition, international applicants must provide a foreign credential equivalency for non-US degrees (per CMS SOM, Chapter 6, Section 6122 and CLIA Interpretive Guidelines at §42 CFR 493.2 instructing such individuals to seek the services of a foreign credential evaluation agency).  Upon acceptance of an international application, the West Virginia CLP License will be mailed to the West Virginia hospital/facility where the applicant will be employed.  Once the applicant is working at their chosen WV facility, they may renew using the normal renewal process as long as they have provided us with an address where they are living.

Penalty and Special Handling Fees

Penalty Fees 

Late Fee – Renewal Postmarked After Due Date = $10 (NOTE: renewal applications are due by the 16th of the month preceding expiration)
Replacement License = $20 
Reinstatement of Lapsed (Expired) License = $20 
Same Day (within 24 hours) License Processing and Issuance = $35 
Non-licensed or Lapsed License Testing Personnel Found During Inspection = $100
Special Handling 
Issuing Official Licensure Source Verification = $10 
Practitioner License Mailed to Laboratory Management in Lieu of the Licensee Home Address (charge per license) = $10

Penalty and special handling fees are cumulative.  For example: You have an expired license and need same day processing = $25 license fee + $10 late fee + $20 lapsed license fee + $ 35 same day fee = Total Due $90.

Important Information 

  • Renewal applications are due by the 16th of the month preceding expiration.  If your license expires on January 1st, your application for renewal must be postmarked by December 16th  or it will be considered late and fees will be assessed.
    • Applications postmarked and/or received after the due date will be subject to a late fee of $10.  To avoid further delays in processing, include this fee when submitting your renewal application after the due date.
    • OLS is not responsible for mail that is delayed in transport or not delivered promptly by the United States Postal Service.  To ensure timely receipt of your renewal, please submit before the due date.  We recommend using a package tracking service when sending your renewal application.
    • If you are requesting a change to your file on an online renewal, please also send an email with the details of the change to to ensure accurate processing.
      • For updates to your license due to additional education, please submit either educational transcripts listing the degree conferred (student copies are ok) or a copy of the issued degree.
      • For updates due to the attainment of national certification, please submit documentation from the credentialing body listing your certification.
  • Renewal applications will be mailed to the licensee's home address 6-8 weeks before the expiration date.  If the facility has paid the additional special handling fee, the renewal applications will be mailed to the facility instead.
  • Keep your mailing address current.  Notify the OLS licensure section of any changes.
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed until all information is provided.
  • Applications will not be processed unless all applicable fees have been paid.
  • Allow 2 weeks from receipt for your application to be processed.
  • We will audit a random number of licensees each year to verify the continuing education activities and may request legible, qualifying documentation.

Pay Additional Fees Owed 

Any additional fees should be paid with your license renewal.  This link is ONLY for paying additional fees, using a credit card, that were not paid at the time of licensure renewal.  This link is only to be used at the direction of an OLS licensure employee. 

Additional Information 

Contact Information
Submit Licensure Applications to: 
WV Office of Laboratory Services 
ATTN: Personnel Licensure
167 11th Avenue
South Charleston, WV 25303
Personnel Licensure Support and Processing
Kwanii Brown 
Phone: 304-558-3530 extension 58914
Fax: 304-746-0658
Training and Evaluation/Licensure Supervisor
Dana Stillwagon, MLS(ASCP)CM
Phone: 304-558-3530 extension 58916 
Fax: 304-746-0658