Diagnostic Immunology

The mission of the Diagnostic Immunology Section (DI) is to identify and monitor infection by or immunity to diseases of public health interest in various West Virginia patient populations and to serve as a reference laboratory for confirmation of certain infectious pathogens.  DI performs tests to determine antibody or antigen levels or to detect pathogen DNA or RNA.  The primary focus is diseases for which the primary routes of transmission are intravenous drug use and unprotected sex.  However, due to the similarity of the procedure to other tests we perform, we also screen blood samples for antibodies against rubella (German measles).

Further information on our screening processes and the forms and instructions required to submit a specimen can be found using the links below.


Order Collection Kits  
Providers can order collection kits from the Diagnostic Immunology laboratory in batches of thirty. Please see the instructions regarding how to do so below.

Collection Supply Order Form (for a 30-day supply)

Testing for Tuberculosis (TB) Clinics
Agencies that host TB clinics can order additional testing such as HIV and Hepatitis free of charge.  Use this submission form.  Instructions for completing the form can be found HERE.

Court Ordered Testing
Frequently asked questions regarding court-ordered testing can be found HERE.