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NIMS Refresh Engagement Update



This refresh retains key concepts and principles from earlier NIMS versions while incorporating new Presidential directives, legislative changes, and lessons learned from exercises, actual incidents, and planned events. The draft NIMS refresh:

•Reiterates concepts and principles of the original 2004 version and the updated 2008 version;
•Reflects and incorporates lessons learned from exercises, real world incidents, and policy updates, such as the National Preparedness System, and NIMS-related guidance, including the 2013 NIMS Intelligence/Investigation Function Guidance and Field Operations Guide;
•Reflects progress in resource typing and mutual aid and builds a foundation for the development of a national qualification system;
•Clarifies that NIMS is more than just the Incident Command System (ICS) and that it applies to all stakeholders with roles in incident management across all five mission areas (Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery);
•Explains the relationship among ICS, the Center Management System (CMS) for operations centers and coordination centers, and Multiagency Coordination Groups(MAC Groups); and
•Enhances information management processes to improve data collection plans, social media integration, and the use of geographic information systems (GIS).

The enclosed working draft represents input and ideas from a range of stakeholders from across the whole community who have been involved through working groups and targeted engagement efforts. In order to further expand our engagement efforts in updating NIMS we are seeking your ideas and input on this working draft. FEMA has released the draft NIMS for a 30-day National Engagement Period to collect feedback from interested parties and ensure the updated content reflects the collective expertise and experience of the whole community.

Below is a link to the draft PDF version in its entirety:

And, here is a link to the PowerPoint slides:
NIMS Refresh National Engagement Webinar Slides_20160503.pdf

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