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Unsolicited Proposals for Funding 

BBH will consider unsolicited proposals outside of any formal announcement of funding availability (AFA) period. Unsolicited proposals are subject to funding availability with no guarantee of award. Such proposals will be maintained on file to support consideration as funding may permit. Please contact dhhrbbhannouncements@wv.gov for additional information.


If you are experiencing difficulty in uploading any documents to the Announcements Mailbox (dhhrbbhannouncements@wv.gov​), please try the following:

 1.  Use internet Explorer as your browser when submitting proposals. 
 2.  Ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (This free software is available at: https://get.adobe.com/reader/)
 3.  Save the template to your computer.
 4.  Open the document now located on your computer.
 5.  When you are in Adobe Acrobat Reader you will see the words Tools, Fill & Sign and Comment ​​- CLICK ON TOOLS. This will open a dropdown box.
 6.  Select CONTENT EDITING.  From there you will see the attach file icon.
 7.  Select the file from your computer and this will attach the file to the PDF document.
 8.  Save your file to your computer then e-mail your completed proposal to the Announcement mailbox.
 9.  Check your e-mail account to ensure the account allows for the large size of the document to be sent.
10.  Send a test e-mail prior to the proposal date to the Announcements Mailbox:  DHHRBBHAnnouncements@wv.gov.  A confirmation e-mail should always be received when documents or e-mails have been sent to the mailbox.  If a confirmation e-mail is not received, your document has not been sent.​

If you have tried all of the above suggestions and are still unable to upload and submit your documents, ​please contact BBH at dhhrbbhannouncements@wv.gov, prior to the submission deadline. 

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