Prenatal Syphilis Serology Certification

The Law

West Virginia prenatal law, WV Code Chapter 16 Article 4A, requires that every pregnant woman, residing in West Virginia, shall have a blood sample taken and submitted to the West Virginia state hygienic laboratory or other laboratory approved by the state department of health for a standard serologic test for syphilis.  Laboratories must be approved and certified by this office to legally perform prenatal syphilis serology testing on these samples.

Initial Prenatal Syphilis Serology Testing Certification

If you require an initial prenatal syphilis serology testing certificate, please contact this office for the application and requirements.

Renewing a Prenatal Syphilis Serology Testing Certificate

Prenatal syphilis serology testing certificates must be renewed annually.  Your current certificate will have an expiration date listed under the director’s name, ex. “Valid 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018”.  Your certificate is valid until the certificate date of 12/31/20XX.
This office will initiate certificate renewals by emailing a survey link to the two contacts you provided during the previous year’s certificate renewal.  The certificate renewal process will begin sometime between September 1 and October 31 of each year.  The renewal for HIV in-state, HIV out-of-state, and Syphilis certificates will be completed in a staggered fashion to allow for easier processing.  To help this process, complete and submit the required items by your designated due date (which will be provided in your annual email).

To ensure continuous compliance, any changes to information regarding the facility, director, technical supervisor (high complexity only), or testing menu/methodology must be submitted to OLS via this FORM within 30 days of the change. 

2022 Certified Prenatal Syphilis Serology Testing Laboratories



WV Office of Laboratory Services
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Training and Evaluation Support Secretary

Amy Grandstaff
Phone: 304-558-3530 extension 58904
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Training and Evaluation Supervisor

Dana Stillwagon, MLS(ASCP)CM
Phone: 304-558-3530 extension 58916
Fax: 304-746-0658