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WV Public Health Preparedness Trainings


In conjunction with the UNC Preparedness & Emergency Response Learning Center (PERLC), the WV Bureau for Public Health's CTP offers eleven (11) public health threat preparedness trainings on WV-TRAIN:
  • Introduction to Public Health Preparedness (Basic Track, Module 1) - Course ID: 1032903
  • Public Health Preparedness for Threat Preparedness Staff: Part 1 (Advanced Track, Module 1.1) - Course ID: 1032901
  • Public Health Preparedness for Threat Preparedness Staff: Part II (Advanced Track, Module 1.2) -Course ID: 1032902
  • ICS for Public Health (Basic Track, Module 2) – Course ID: 1040798
  • Public Health Preparedness Planning (Advanced Track, Module 2) – Course ID: 1040590
  • Public Health Preparedness Exercises (Advanced Track, Module 3) – Course ID: 1040801
  • Responder Health and Safety (Advanced Track, Module 4) – Course ID: 1040804
  • Medical Countermeasure Management (Advanced Track, Module 5) – Course ID: 1040591
  • Disaster Behavioral Health (Advanced Track, Module 6) – Course ID: 1040829
  • Working with Health and Medical Volunteers (Advanced Track, Module 7) – Course ID: 1040830
  • Risk Communication (Advanced Track, Module 8) – Course ID: 1040832
These trainings are dedicated in honor of Dr. Cathy Slemp, whose vision and leadership shaped the face of public health preparedness in WV and made this educational offering possible.

If you would like to register for any of these trainings, log onto WV-TRAIN, enter the Course ID # in the "Keyword or Course ID" box located at the top of the right side of the home page, and click the search icon.

1-sheet of the WV CTP - UNC Partnership Development of the Threat Prep Courses

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