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Sept. 12: Zika Topic of the Week


Is Your State Prepared for Zika?

CDC has tools for state and local health departments to prepare for Zika.

Download the CDC Zika Widget for your website:

Sample social media to help spread the word:

CDC has tools, resources, and guidance for state, tribal, local, and territorial health officials on preparing for  Zika. Check them out here:  
Do you work for a health department? The response to Zika will be unique to your jurisdiction and depends on many factors. CDC has planning resources that are important for all states, localities, and territories:  
Work for a health department? Clear, consistent, and frequent communication ensures that people receive and understand information that can help them make informed decisions. Get communication materials and resources about Zika, including fact sheets, infographics, posters, & videos:  
Health Departments: Use CDC’s Z-CART to prepare risk communication strategies and plan community engagement before local transmission of Zika virus in your jurisdiction:  

#HealthDepts: Find tools and resources on CDC’s website:  
Are you a state, tribal, local, or territorial health official? Get the top 10 #Zika response planning tips:  
#HealthDepts: Get communication materials about #Zika, including fact sheets, infographics, posters, & videos  
Identify the best channels to share information and clinical guidelines about #Zika w/ HCPs:

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