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Nov. 7: Zika Topic of the Week


Going Home for the Holidays?
Protect yourself and your loved ones while traveling to areas with Zika.

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Facebook, Traveling to see friends and family for the holidays? Find out if there is Zika at your destination and get Zika info on the go! Text PLAN to 855-255-5606 to subscribe to CDC’s new text message service.

Stay healthy and safe this holiday season. If you’re traveling to an area with Zika, prevent mosquito bites during your trip and for 3 weeks after travel. Use condoms during and after your trip to protect yourself and your partner (men should use condoms for 6 months after travel, women should use condoms for 8 weeks). Get more tips for your trip from CDC’s Zika travel notices.  

Pregnant women should not travel to areas with Zika. Don’t put yourself at risk during holiday travel to visit friends and family!

If you’re traveling to visit friends and family in an area with Zika, remember to pack smart. Bring enough insect repellent to last your entire trip for everyone who is traveling, long-sleeved shirts and long pants, and condoms. Check our site to learn more.  

Bring home happy family memories, not Zika! Help prevent the spread of Zika after your holiday travel to an area with Zika. Avoid mosquito bites for 3 weeks after returning. Because Zika can also be spread through sex, use condoms after travel to protect your partner. Men, use condoms for 6 months. Women, use condoms for 8 weeks. If your partner is pregnant, use condoms for the rest of her pregnancy. If you feel sick after travel, talk to your doctor. Learn more:  

Traveling to see family living in an area with Zika? Get #Zika info on the go! Text PLAN to 855-255-5606 to subscribe.

Think about #Zika before you visit loved ones for the #holidays. Check CDC’s #Zika travel health notices.  

#FightTheBite to stop #Zika – remember to prevent mosquito bites during #holiday travel! Get CDC tips:  

Pregnant women should avoid travel to areas with #Zika. Don’t put yourself at risk during holiday travel to visit friends and family!

Bring home #holiday memories, not #Zika. Avoid mosquito bites for 3 wks after traveling to an area with Zika and see a doctor if you get sick.

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