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Oct. 24: Zika Topic of the Week


Mosquito Season Isn’t Over
Mosquitoes can remain active during the fall & into winter. Protect yourself!

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In the extreme southern part of southern states (Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California) where temperatures do not fall below 50°F, adult mosquitoes and mosquito eggs will survive at least through the fall, possibly into the winter. It is important to protect yourself from mosquito bites as long as mosquitoes are active.  

In states, where temperatures fall below 50°F, mosquitoes search for warm places as temperatures begin to drop. They will become less active and hibernate in enclosed spaces, like garages, sheds, and under or inside homes to survive cold temperatures. Learn how to control mosquitoes in and around your home.  

Summer may have ended, but it’s still mosquito season in many states. If you live in places where the weather stays warmer longer, it is important to continue taking steps to protect yourself from mosquito bites. Wear an insect repellent with one of these active ingredients: DEET, picaridin, IR3535, oil of lemon eucalyptus or para-menthane-diol, or 2-undecanone.  

Mosquitoes stop biting when temperatures hit 50°F. Until then, protect yourself from mosquito bites.  

In extreme southern parts of the US, mosquitoes can remain active into the winter. Protect yourself from mosquito bites!  

While you are outside enjoying the fall weather, don’t forget to protect yourself from mosquito bites!  

In the US, mosquitoes look for places to hibernate as temperatures drop. Learn how to control mosquitoes in & around your home.

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