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Conflict-Free Case Management (CFCM) Program

​The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rule listed in the federal Register published January 16, 2014 (79 FR 2948), says that states are required to separate case management (Person-Centered Service Plan development) from service delivery functions. For a listing of the requirements, please see 42 CFR 532.301 (C) (1) (vi) or in the Conflict of Intere​st in Medicaid Authorities document.
The Bureau for Medical Services (BMS) will be conducting a series of stakeholder meetings for each of the waivers for input on what these services would look like for the State of West Virginia. Please click on the applicable waiver program below for specific information:

Conflict-Free Case Management Information Waiver Flyers

​For Questions and Information:
Program Manager, ADW Program
LuAnn Summers, MS, LPC
Phone: (304) 352-4270
Email: LuAnn.S.Summers@wv.gov

Program Manager, IDDW Program
Stacy Broce
Phone: (304) 352-4216
Email: Stacy.M.Broce@wv.gov 
Program Manager, CSEDW
Rachel Goff
Email: Rachel.A.Goff@wv.gov​
Phone: 304-352-4211

Program Manager, TBIW Program
Teresa M. McDonough
Phone: (304) 352-4240
Email: Teresa.M.McDonough@wv.gov