Quality Improvement Advisory (QIA) Council

The purpose of the TBIW Quality Improvement Advisory (QIA) Council is to provide guidance and feedback to the Department of Health and Human Resources, Bureau for Medical Services (BMS) and its contracted Utilization Management Contractor (UMC) in the development of an ongoing quality assurance and improvement system for the TBIW program.

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TBIW QIA Council Procedures Handbook
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TBIW QIA Council Membership Application

Annual Reports:
2017 QIA Council Annual Report
2016 QIA Council Annual Report
2015 QIA Council Annual Report
2014 QIA Council Annual Report

Participant Surveys

TBIW QIA Council Meeting Minutes

2018 Minutes​ ​
​February 14, 2019 Minutes​
​February 8, 2018 Minutes
​May 17, 2018 Minutes
​August 9, 2018 Minutes

TBIW Archived Meeting Minutes 2012-2017




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