Family Resource Networks

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Family Resource Networks (FRNs) are local coalitions of people working to better meet the needs and improve services for children and families in their communities. West Virginia’s Family Resource Networks are defined in WV State Code under §49-6C-2. 
Quick Glance:      

Barbour County                                                              

Phone: 304-457-2691                                                         
Guide:  Barbour County Resource Guide                        

Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan Counties                     

Phone: 304-262-5360                                                         

Boone, Kanawha, and Putnam Counties                       

Phone: 304-414-4470                                                         
            Kanawha County Resource Guide

Braxton County                                                              

Phone: 304-364-6021                                                         

Brooke-Hancock Counties                                             

Phone: 304-748-7850                                                         
Family Resource Center: Brooke Hancock Family Resource Center

Cabell County                                                                 

Phone: 304-697-0255                                                        
Family Resource Network: Marvin Gray Family Life Center      

Calhoun County                                                              

Phone: 304-354-7177                                                        
Guide: Calhoun County Resource Guide                       

Clay County                                                                   

Phone: 304-587-4389                                                       

Doddridge County                                                           

Phone: 304-873-1245

Fayette County                                                              

Phone: 304-574-4338                                                       
Family Resource Center: Fayette County Starting Points
                                     Family Resource Center 

Gilmer County                                                                

Phone: 304-462-7545                                                       

Grant-Hampshire–Hardy–Pendleton Counties           

Phone: 304-530-5480                                                       

Greenbrier County                                                         

Phone: 304-646-3622

Hampshire County- See Grant County                       

Hancock County- See Brooke County                              

Hardy County- See Grant County                                    


Harrison County                                                            

Phone- 304-423-5049                                                      

Jackson County                                                              

Phone: 304-593-0072                                                        

Jefferson County- See Berkley County                            

Kanawha County- See Boone County                             


Lewis County                                                                

Phone: 304-269-4000                                                        

Lincoln County                                 

Phone: 304-824-7002                                                       
Family Resource Center: Lincoln County Family Resource Center 

Logan County                                                                

Phone: 304-792-2016                                                     

Marion County                                                             

Phone: 304-366-4445                                                       

Marshall County                                                         

Phone: 304-845-3300                                                       
Guide:  Marshall County Resource Guide                       
Family Resource Center:
Marshall County Family Resource Center


Mason County                                                               

Phone: 304-593-0072                                                       

McDowell County                                                          

Phone: 304-436-5255                                                       

Mercer County

Phone: 304-913-4956



Mineral County


Mingo County

Phone: 304-235-5607
Guide Mingo County Resource Guide

Monongalia County

Phone: 304-284-8400
Guide: Monongalia Resource Guide
Family Resource Center: Monongalia County Starting Points Resource Center and also click here
                                     and The Shack Neighborhood House

Monroe County

Phone: 304-772-5960
Guide: Monroe County Resource Guide

Morgan County-See Berkeley

Nicholas County

Phone: 304-872-4707
Guide: Nicholas County Resource Guide
Family Resource Center: Nicholas County Family Resource Center

Ohio County

Phone: 304-232-5600


Pendleton County-See Grant County


Pleasants County

Phone: 304-684-3962

Pocahontas County

Phone: 304-799-6847
Guide: Pocahontas County Resource Guide

Preston County

Phone: 304-329-1968

Putnam County-See Boone County

Raleigh County

Phone: 304-255-3764

Randolph County

Phone: 304-636-4454

Ritchie County

Phone: 304-643-4187
Guide: Ritchie County Resource Guide

Roane County

Phone: 304-927-6070

Summers County

Phone: 304-466-4040

Taylor County

Phone: 304-265-6838

Tucker County

Phone: 304-478-3827

Tyler County

Phone: 304-758-5046
Guide: Tyler County Resource Guide

Upshur County

Phone: 304-473-1051 

Wayne County

Phone: 304-272-6003
Guide: Wayne County Resource Guide

Webster County

Phone: 304-771-8533

Wirt County

Phone: 304-275-4833
Guide: Wirt County Resource Guide

Wood County

Phone: 304-420-9574
Guide: Wood County Resource Guide

Wyoming County

Phone: 304-923-4280