WV Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program


Yes, a well-balanced diet is very important. Meals high in fats and oils are not good because they can help the body absorb lead. Eating foods that are rich in calcium and iron allow the body to absorb less lead. Eating foods with Vitamin C helps increase the amount of iron in the blood. Eating a variety of foods as part of a well-balanced diet helps a child grow up healthy and strong.

Healthy Foods to Fight Lead

Foods High in Calcium
Foods High in Iron
Foods High in Vitamin C
Low-fat cheese
Low-fat cottage cheese
Evaporated milk
Foods made with milk; including soups, custards, and puddings
Powdered milk
Lean red meat
Low-fat pork
Dried beans and peas
Iron fortified cereal
Iron fortified infant formula
Breast milk
Oranges/Orange juice
Grapefruit/Grapefruit juice
Dark green, leafy vegetables
Potatoes cooked in the skin

Lead enters your body each time you inhale leaded fumes or dust, or swallow something that contains lead.

Your body does not have a use for lead. If you are exposed to a small amount of lead, your body will discharge it. If you are exposed to small amounts of lead over time or one large dose, your body may take in more lead than it can clean out.

Lead poisoning is a disease that occurs when too much lead builds up in the body.