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Coordinated Chronic Disease
Prevention at Work

Success stories demonstrating  HPCD's  coordinated approach to chronic disease prevention.

Using this approach, HPCD  achieves a greater impact,  engaging community groups, decision-makers and health systems.

Hypertension Day of Action Success Story
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Staff Development 
Every staff member within HPCD participates in professional development throughout the year.  We do this to assure each person has the most important information available to better serve the people of West Virginia.

Diabetes in West Virginia

Success Stories from the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors and the Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease

Advocating for Diabetes Prevention as a Covered Benefit 

Health Care Providers 

Raising Diabetes Awareness 

Referrals to Community Programs

CAMC National Diabetes Prevention Program

Health Promotion and Chronic Disease
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