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West Virginia Legislative Coalition on Diabetes

As of 2016, West Virginia has the second highest rate of diabetes in the nation at 15%. To combat these rates HPCD works with partners to bring prevention and management programs to the state, embed those programs and sustain the work of past grant funding.
For more information about these programs, please view the chart: Diabetes Prevention and Management Programs in West Virginia.
Legislative Coalition on Diabetes Management 
In 2017, the legislature of West Virginia passed Senate Bill 360, amending Code Chapter 16 (Chapter 16, Article 5Z) and creating the Legislative Coalition on Diabetes Management.  
The Coalition is comprised of health professionals including WVU's Dean of Public Health, physicians (including a pediatrician and a primary care physician), a pharmacist, and a dietician.

The Coalition's duties as outlined:
Provide guidance to the Legislature on potential statutory solutions relative to regulation of diabetes;
Consult with a quality improvement organization;
Establish workgroups and clinical advisory committees as the coalition deems necessary to address pertinent issues related to diabetes management and to provide consistency in the development of further regulation;
Consult with entities and persons with a particular expertise as the coalition deems necessary in the fulfillment of their duties. This can include public and private sector partnerships; and
Offer any additional guidance to the Legislature which the coalition sees is within its scope which would further enhance the provider patient relationship in the effective treatment and management of diabetes.

Resources and Initiatives

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