​One of the most significant barriers for persons transitioning back into the community from long-term care facilities is the lack of affordable, accessible, safe and integrated housing.  Take Me Home, West Virginia has a full-time Housing Coordinator who works to enhance housing opportunities for all individuals transitioning from long-term care facilities to the community and one-on-one with Take Me Home participants to identify appropriate housing opportunities including:

  • Their own home
  • A family members’ home
  • Their own apartment, or
  • A group home with 4 or fewer people

Approximately half of Take Me Home participants will return to housing previously established or will identify and secure rental housing on their own or with the help of family.  For the other half, appropriate housing must be found to accommodate the participant’s needs.  Transition Navigators work with participants to identify desired housing opportunities and address any accessibility needs.  Together with the Take Me Home Housing Coordinator, Transition Navigators assist the participant in finding suitable housing.

For Take Me Home participants returning to housing already established, many may still need modifications to their existing home in order to meet accessibility needs and ensure a successful and safe transition home.  Transition Navigators and the Housing Coordinator work together to assess the home’s current condition and help to identify possible modifications and accommodations which will allow the participant full access to living, sleeping, bathing, and cooking spaces in their home and provide them with the fullest extent of independence available.  Possible modifications might include a ramp, bathroom modifications including the addition of grab bars and hand rails, and widening of doorways.  The accessibility modifications will depend upon the current state of the home and the participant’s individualized needs.

Navigating Accessible Community Housing

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