Attention-Providers!-Monoclonal-Antibody-Coverage Update!


As of January 26, 2023​​​, the FDA​ announced the product, Evusheld (M0220) is NOT authorized for use in any US region and may not be administered until further notice.

As of Jun​e 6, 2021, West Virginia Medicaid will reimburse the administration of Covid-19 monoclonal antibody treatments, billed with M0243, M0245 and M0247 at the Medicare rate of $450.00.

Due to the high frequency of the Omicron B​A.2 sub-variant, the Federal Drug Administration  (FDA) announced the product, Sotrovimab (procedure code M0247), is currently NOT authorized in any U.S. region and may not be administered to treat COVID-19 until further notice by the FDA.

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