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Specific TANF, WV WORKS, AFDC and AFDC-Related Medicaid Requirements

C15 - TOC                 Table of Contents

Section 15.1              Introduction

Section 15.2              The Definition of Dependent Child

Section 15.3              Child Support Requirements and Procedures (WV WORKS)

Section 15.4              Special Needs (WV WORKS)

Section 15.5              Requirements for Parents Under Age 18 (WV WORKS)

Section 15.6              Lifetime Limit for Receipt of Cash Assistance ( WV WORKS)   

Section 15.7              Requirement for Being Engaged in Work (WV WORKS)

APPENDIX A             Public Forms
                                 DFA-WVSC-1 - SCA Application

APPENDIX B             WV WORKS School Clothing Allowance (SCA)

APPENDIX C             West Virginia School Clothing Allowance (WVSCA)

APPENDIX D             SCA Voucher Instructions

APPENDIX E             For Reference Only