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The Comprehensive Assessment and Planning System (CAPS)

CAPS is a systematic approach to the assessment of children and their families that are receiving child welfare services through BCF.  CAPS is used to meet the treatment planning requirements of the West Virginia State Code §49-5D-3 that says "The department shall adopt a standard uniform comprehensive assessment instrument or protocol to be used by treatment teams." 


Provider Requirements

Agencies interested in an overview of CAPS or in becoming certified to administer the CAPS assessment can  


Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS)

The first assessment in the CAPS process, the CANS, is designed for use at two levels--the individual child and family, and for the system of care.  The CANS provides a structured assessment of children along a set of dimensions relevant to service planning and decision-making.  In addition, the CANS will provide information regarding the child and family's service needs for use during system planning and/or quality assurance monitoring. 

For an overview of CANS click here.  
The CANS tool is also supported by the Praed Foundation. 



Face-to-face, Web-based Blackboard and combination training is available.  (All face-to-face and web-based training must use the approved curriculum, supporting materials and training models approved by the WV CANS Super User Oversight Task Team.) 

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