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Children's Projects

The Children's Projects work in conjunction with other OMCFH children’s programs, Head Start, public schools, local health departments, community health centers and others to promote dental health services as an integral part of preventive, primary health services and to encourage proper self-care. Some of the services provided by the Children's Projects include:

  • Provide oral health education in public schools in 55 counties
  • Supply oral health instructional modules for teaching Head Start / Universal Pre-K to 12th grade within the public school system
  • Supply fluoride drops and tablets and water test kits for distribution through local health departments and primary care physician offices
  • Work with the OMCFH / HealthCheck Program to encourage medical practitioners to refer Medicaid-eligible children for dental services
  • Assist local communities in establishing school-based dental services
  • Supply oral hygiene supplies and education materials to organizations

 Components that comprise the Children's Projects include:

For more information on the Children's Projects click Contact Us, or call the Oral Health Program at 1-800-642-8522.