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Well@Work WV Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety
During the past 12 months, did your worksite...
107. Include improving or maintaining job health and safety in the business objectives or organizational mission statement?
108. Have a written injury and/or illness prevention program?
109. Employ or contract for an occupational health and safety professional?
110. Encourage reporting of injuries and near misses?
111. Provide opportunities for employee input on hazards and solutions? 
112. Have a program to investigate the causes of injuries or illnesses?
113. Provide informational materials about health and safety at work to employees in most departments? 
114. Provide all new workers formal, comprehensive training on how to avoid accidents or injury on the job?
115. Coordinate programs for occupational health and safety with program for health promotion and wellness?
116. Have the following policies or benefits for employees been in place?
116A. Paid time off (PTO) for days or hours due to illness of employees or dependents (full-time, non-exempt employees).
116B. Paid vacation time or personal days or hours to full-time, non­exempt employees.
Health Promotion and Chronic Disease
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